Navajo Solar Lights Project

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Joint Rotary Project by Durango DayBreak Club, Rotary eClub of the State of Jefferson, Rotary International, Colorado, New Mexico and California Rotary Clubs.

A solar light is a simple thing

To see a house, go from kerosene to solar ... it’s life-changing. No longer do they have a proclivity for upper respiratory infections because of the soot."
Rotarian Joe Williams

The Team

About a dozen motivated middle schoolers from the Noble and Greenhough School (Boston) also participated in this hands-on community specific project, as did our own eClub treasurer John Cox and his grandson Nicholas.

Bringing light to the navajo nation

There are still a significant number of families who live in the heart of the United States (barely a 3-and-a-half-hour drive from the comfort of my home in Albuquerque,) with the sun as their only source of light – that is the Navajo Nation.

Getting ready for the day

Each day, the team ensures that all of the right tools are in place, the solar light kits are complete, and necessary fittings are available. 

From planning to execution

There are so many that can benefit from bringing light into their lives.  You can see below how this effort comes to fruition. You can help by your generous contribution, volunteer services and by spreading the word to family, friends and acquaintances.